hi, i´m Cheesecake Stelar, a Mexican idiot who´s ashamed of himself/herself and wants to become a musician, also i love everything related to the 2000´s era

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Reflection time

Posted by CheeseCakeStelar2004 - August 7th, 2022

hello! It's been almost a year since I made a post here, all this time that has passed I've been through adversity, difficulties and many stressful problems, including having to deal with work, university, family, myself, etc.

but now I look back, and I have made progress in my personal life, now I dedicate myself to making music in my free time and I love doing it, it is one of the things that has fulfilled me the most in my life, even though I am not super recognized or someone famous, I love knowing that I am leaving a mark on something with my music, probably one day I will be a great composer like Toby fox or Garoad

The point is that I feel happy that I finally managed to learn to make music and improve over time, although this August I have to take a break from this for university reasons, I'm still happy and motivated to continue doing what I love.

It is likely that I will continue posting here more often as I get more familiar with the site, by the way, does anyone know how to get more followers?


Welcome back and it’s great to hear that you have doing well!I hope everything stays that way for you.As for your question,the only ways to get more followers (I can think of) are making more content and being more active here.You will need a lot of time and patience for both though so take small steps and I’m sure you will get more followers.Good luck!

thx you for the tip, i try to be more active here! :)

@CheeseCakeStelar2004 Okay but don’t worry if you get too busy to be active here,Newgrounds will always be waiting for you!